New additions to 2007 Reunion page:
Tentative schedule (May 12, 2007)
Updated information from committee (May 7, 2007)

Site of 2007 Brauer-Crews Reunion, June 17-24, 2007:
Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort, 3069 Highway 49 South, Angels Camp, CA 95222
Phone 209-736-0404 or 888-398-0404
Map to resort (Google Maps):
Link to Map Here
Map of campground:

Brauer-Crews family members,

Hurry and make plans to attend the 2007 Brauer-Crews Family Reunion. There are barely five weeks to
go and we hope to see you there. This will be the 82nd anniversary of the first Brauer-Crews Reunion
that was held in 1925. The family faithfully got together practically every other year from the late 1950's
through the mid 1990's. After the 1995 Reunion in the Lake Siskiyou / Mount Shasta area, we had to
wait eight years for the 2003 Reunion, which was held at Pine Acres Resort. We kept on schedule with
the 2005 Reunion held at the Yosemite Lakes Resort. Let's keep the tradition going as the family keeps
growing this summer in Angels Camp. We will soon post the tentative schedule for the week, with
suggestions or requests for your involvement. See the information below for particular features of the
Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort.

Brought to you by your ad-hoc Brauer-Crews Reunion Committee:
Kathryn &  Bob St John, Dyan Curry & Charles Burt

Most recent updates: Schedule as of May 12, 2007, email from Dyan Curry May 7, 2007 below.

Tentative Schedule (as of May 12, 2007):
SUNDAY: Come in and get settled, have dinner with friends (no formal potluck scheduled).
7:30 pm Campfire - Introductions/Getting To Know You

MONDAY: 10 am Band Practice/Children's Choir led by Bob St. John and Kathryn
Tentative mini trips: 1. Caves in the area (2) led by Dyan Curry
2. Angel's Camp Museum led by > B+K
3-? TBA (we need volunteers)
5:30 pm Pot
luck - Italian Theme!
7:30 pm
Campfire - TBA (we need volunteers)

TUESDAY: 10 am Band Practice/Children's Choir led by B+K
Tentative mini trips: 1. Wineries in the area led by Dyan Curry
Morning round of golf at nearby course (TBA) Charles Burt will need an idea of how many might need
tee times.
? TBA (we need volunteers)
5:30 pm Pot
luck - Mixed Bag (bring whatever you can think  of!)
7:30 pm
Campfire - TBA (we need volunteers)

WEDNESDAY: 10 am Band Practice/Children's Choir led by B+K
1. Columbia State Park led by B+K
2. BINGO led by Dyan Curry  (yes, there will be prizes)
3-? TBA (we need volunteers)
5:30 pm Potluck - German Theme (our family has German
heritage, so you should look up some recipes
online or pull out some of
those cookbooks and come up with some fun/interesting ideas for side dishes,
entrees, and desserts!)
7:30pm Campfire - Sing Along + Jokes led by B+K (bring
your favorite jokes to share with the whole

THURSDAY: 10 am Band Practice/Children's Choir led by B+K
11:30 am Leave for Big Trees State Park - Don't forget your
Bag Lunches!
5:30 pm Potluck - Family Favorites! (bring your favorite
special family dish (side, entree, or dessert) as
well as a recipe if
available to share with everyone)
7:30 pm Campfire - Games led by Dyan Curry and Kathryn (Dyan wants to know if you're smarter than a
5th grader!)

FRIDAY: 10 am Band Practice/Children's Choir led by B+K
11:30 am Family Game Day led by Dyan Curry
4pm Barbecue - We provide meat/veggie burgers and buns, you
provide side dishes (chips and dip, potato salad, whatever) and desserts!
Campfire - Family Remembrance led by TBA

SATURDAY: 9 am Potluck - Pancake Breakfast (pancakes and toppings provided
by us, anything else you like for breakfast provided by you!)
11 am Church - TBA (need volunteer to lead)
?? am or?? pm Band Practice/Children's Choir led by B+K
2 pm PICTURES (can't live with 'em... can't live without 'em!)
6 pm Talent Show/Auction

SUNDAY: Say good bye to your family and friends and let everyone know how
much you love them and how much you've missed them!

More info to follow as soon as we have some to share.

May 7, 2007 (Email from Dyan Curry)
Hello Brauer/Crews family,

We are getting revved up for a very exciting reunion, and it's RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!
Unfortunately, we currently do not have very many people signed up and the camp ground has starting
to release some of our "reserved" spots, so
PLEASE set your calendars for JUNE 17 TO 24, 2007
(THIS YEAR, NEXT MONTH!) and get your spaces reserved! You don't have to make it to the whole
reunion, but reserve for the days you CAN make it!

Go to or call (209)-736-0404 ASAP! There are only 3 cabins left, and the
remaining sites are for tents/RV's. There are also a couple of hotels in Angel's Camp itself, only 2 miles
up the road! There should be space for everyone but you need to reserve NOW! (If you have time,
PLEASE email Dyan Curry at dmcurry01
@ hotmail . com to let her know how many in your family are
coming and which days so we can get an idea of how many we should prepare for potlucks and such)

Amenities at the camp grounds include: Horsehoe Pits, Tetherball, Ping Pong, Swimming Pool,
Playground, Indoor Air Conditioned group room for table games and chit-chat, Covered cooking area
with 3 stoves and sinks, Showers, a General Store, and Washing machines. (well, restrooms as well, but
that should be a given!) (See attached photos - not of the restrooms, but of the

(Click here to see Dyan's pictures of the campground)

Stuff to do nearby the campground include: New Melones Reservoir, Historic Angel's Camp, Murphy
and Calaveras S
tate Park, Wineries, Golfing, State Parks, etc (look up the town and stuff nearby online
as well for more ideas!)

We have some very exciting plans for this year's reunion and
WE NEED YOUR HELP for some of it. If
you can volunteer your time or expertise in any of the following areas please let us know:

1. We currently do not have any children's activities (except singing) planned and need a  volunteer!
You will be reimbursed for all supplies.

2. We need a couple of people to step up to lead some campfires! We have two "open" spots on
Monday and Tuesday, and need someone enthusiastic to plan a Family Remembrance (you can get
creative with this if you like) Campfire on Friday night!

3. We need people that have ideas of what THEY like to do to lead some mini trips on Monday through
Wednesday. These would be trips that people sign up for that morning, all you have to do is lead the
group. Examples would be nature hikes, trips to the beautiful lake nearby, antiquing trips, golf
tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, and anything else you can come up with.

4. We need a volunteer to lead the Church session on Saturday morning at 11 am.

Please let us know ASAP if you are available to help out with any of these things! And thank you in

Now to the fun stuff!

Our Family Trip this year will be a trip to Big Trees State Park for a bag lunch and then a nature hike on
the famous trail led by a park ranger at 1  pm. This should be really fun for everyone of all ages and the
hike is accessible to absolutely everyone. You can stay late if you like and hang out by the river or do
some more strenuous hiking if you're interested!

On Friday, Dyan Curry will be hosting a
Family Game Day. Now there is not enough room for games like
soccer or softball, but there IS enough room for some three-legged races, water balloon tosses, egg on
a spoon races, and other cheezy family games (please email Dyan at if you
have any more ideas for games you would like to see)! There will be prizes at the end of the day for
winners so this should be really fun!

Please bring things for the
Auction this year, but instead of just bidding, please have a suggested
selling price for the item when you turn it in. We don't want to bore anyone this year with a long auction,
but we would like to raise money for the next reunion!

We will have a
talent show this year (as we do every year) so please think of the talents that you would
like to share with the family. We will have a sign up sheet available the whole time so we will know what
kind of exciting things to expect!

Potlucks will be held at 5:30 pm EXCEPT for Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 9 am (yes, you read that
right, 9 am). Friday we will have a grill potluck and we will provide meat/veggie burgers and buns.
Saturday will be a breakfast potluck and we will provide pancakes and toppings. These things are a little
different, but we know they'll be tons of fun!

So finally, the following is a tentative schedule of events to give you an idea of the fun we have in store
for you this year. When you see "
Tentative mini trips" that means that someone has volunteered to
lead a small group of people to do things or go places in the area. You can sign up for these trips when
you get there! If you don't like what you see, please volunteer to lead something that you DO like! You
don't see children's activities on the schedule because we need a volunteer to lead them! So now to the

We are really excited for this year's reunion and we hope YOU are too!
Please don't forget to
reserve ASAP (right NOW) for JUNE 17 to 24, 2007
(THIS YEAR, NEXT MONTH) at www. or (209)-736-0404. You don't have to come for the whole week, but be sure to
reserve for the days you DO

Please don't forget to email Dyan Curry at dmcurry01 @ hotmail . com to let her know what days you're
coming and how many are in your party so we can prepare for potlucks and other things! RESERVE

We look forward to seeing you soon, JUNE 17 to 24, 2007 (THIS YEAR, NEXT MONTH)!

Your Beloved Reunion Committee!!!!

March 23, 2007 (Other accommodations in the area)

The Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort is mostly an RV park with a limited number of tent spaces and
an even more limited number of lodge rooms and cabins. I have listed the following accommodations as
possible alternatives in the area. I have not checked any of these places, but list them solely for your

Angels Inn Motel, 600 North Main, Angels Camp, CA 95222, Phone 209-736-4242

Gold Country Inn Motel, 720 South Main, Angels Camp, CA 95222, Phone 209-736-4611

Jumping Frog Motel, 330 Murphys Grade Road, Angels Camp, CA 95222, Phone 209-736-2191
Website: none

Greenhorn Creek Resort, 711 McCauley Ranch Road, Angels Camp, CA 95222, Phone 209-736-8120

Best Western Cedar Inn Suites, 444 South Main Street, Angels Camp, CA 95222, Phone 209-736-4000

Angels Hacienda Bed & Breakfast Resort, 4871 Hunt Road, Angels Camp, CA 95222, No phone listed

There should be other choices in nearby towns,
Altaville (to the North), Vallecito and Murphy (to the
Jamestown and Sonora (to the Southeast).

October 5, 2006 (Announcement distributed to family via email from Pat Ray)
Dear Brauer-Crews Family:

The ’07 Reunion committee, after much consideration, has chosen the Angel’s Camp RV and Camping
Resort for the June 17-24, 2007 reunion. It is located just a couple of miles south of Angel’s Camp, on
Hwy #49, and just about ½ mile from the entrance to the A.C. fairgrounds.  It is NOT the one at the
fairgrounds, which is not a resort.

The website for the resort is:

The e-mail is - --

The address is – 3069 Hwy/ 49 So., Angels Camp, CA. 95222/

Ph. #s are toll free - - 888-398-0404. Reg. - - 209-736-0404

The website will tell you the RV and tent sites and prices. Of course, when you call, or e-mail for your
reservations, tell them it is for the B.C reunion, and that you are suppose to receive a Good Sam
discount.  As at any resort, if you stay a full week, you will receive another discount.  If you make your
reservation online they will charge your credit card right away.  If you call on the phone, they will contact
you in May to verify that you will be there, and they will charge your card then.

A word about the “PT-1 though 6” tent sites. PT means Premium Tent sites. They have covered picnic
tables and they have BBQs with each one.  The picnic area clustered around the six small cabins will be
our main gathering area/potlucks. The cabins do NOT have kitchens, or bathrooms. There is a common
bathroom nearby, and a dandy kitchen area for all to use.

The 2  “lodges” that sleep at least 6, do have their own kitchen and bathroom. They are located on the
other side of the office, from the above mentioned cabin area, but an easy walking, or driving for some,

There is a nice swimming pool, and a playground, plus an air conditioned “club house” that we could use
for adult games, maybe crafts.

So, as usual, make your reservations directly with the resort, and the sooner the better. Any questions,
e-mail Bob St. John at bobkat205 at msn dot com, or call at 209-249-0468, but we will be traveling from
Oct. 13 until Nov. 24.  We will be getting our e-mail, and have a cell phone - - 209-923-3445.

There are many activities and day-trip ideas. One is Columbia State Park, another is enjoying the towns
of Murphys and Angels Camp. There are several very interesting caverns nearby, and the huge
Melone's Lake entrance is just across the street. It has a wonderful fish-cleaning table, covered, with an
electric garbage (as in scales and fish guts) disposal!  

Bob St. John

Sept. 4, 2006 (Email from Kathryn & Bob St John)
Dear B-C Relatives,

The website for the Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort is :
Ph. #s are 209-736-0404 or 888-398-0404
When you call to reserve you cabin or space, you must give a credit card number, but they will NOT
charge for your site until 30 days before the reunion. Nice! Also, the owner said that they
would contact everyone just before that to make certain that you still want your space. Remind them that
you are to receive a Good Sam discount, and, of course, if you stay the full seven days, it is less per
nite. We will, of course, be there during "peak season."

Lodges: The map in the web site does not adequately show the the two "lodges" that sleep six people.
They are big "mobiles" that are directly across from the registration, like at "B." They were put in after
the map was made. They are nice lodges with kitchen and bath.

Cabins: The cabins, C 1-5, are just for sleeping. There is one bathhouse, and a very nice kitchen area,
which is not marked on the map, but is that six-sided design by the play area. The cabins have more
space in the middle than it looks like, with plenty of picnic tables, and a fire rings.

Tent sites: The PT 1 thru 6 are very, very nice, with covered picnic areas. I think Dyan and Kris have
one already reserved, and Bob and I have an RV site.

So most of the reunion activities will be around the cabin area, swimming pool, etc. There is an air
conditioned "meeting room" by the office, which we will have use of, maybe for table and card games,
and/or children's crafts. More later about activities available around the area, of which there are plenty,
such as boating and fishing.

CHEERS, Kathryn and Bob St. John

August 22, 2006 (Email from Kathryn & Bob St John)
Dear Ones,

Bob and I had a delightful day driving up to Angels Camp, confirming our '07 reunion site, then driving
back through the "deserted," rural San Joaquin valley. It was amazing to see so much uninhabited

This resort is very accommodating. We have reserved the part of the resort we discussed for June 17 to
24, 2007. We did not have to put any money down, and when people call in to reserve, and give their
credit card, that c.c. will not be charged until 30 days before the beginning of the reunion!  The office will
contact each person, family, that has reserved, at that time, and say "Are you still coming?  Good. We'll
charge your card, and no refunds from this time on."

After a nice visit with the owner, we drove across the road and down to the reservoir (New Melones). It is
five miles from camp to a very fine fishing spot. The fish cleaning sink is amazing, with a garbage

At the resort, there is no field for softball, darn, but there are horseshoes and a swimming pool.  There
are lots of day-trips to take.   The smallish, but air cond. "club room" will be nice for older people to play
games during the heat of the day. The center of the cabins will make a dandy potluck spot and evening

We'll get to writing this up to give to Pat to send out,  very soon.

Love, Kathryn and Bob
2007 Brauer-Crews Family Reunion
June 17-24, 2007
Angels Camp RV Resort