General Reunion Information & Communications:

Sunday, June 12, 2005 (Email from Kevin Curry)
Family and Friends,

BC Reunion 2005 - Family and Fellowship - 80 Years Strong!

Well, this is it - the final update before the kickoff of BC Reunion 2005.  There are just a couple of items for this edition.  First, just a quick reminder to think
about bringing your favorite board games (e.g., Scrabble, Parchesi, Chutes & Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, etc...).  They provide a great opportunity to have fun
and spend some time catching up or getting to know new folks.
(EDIT - Charles & Jamie Burt will bring Double 9 dominoes for Mexican Train)

Second, Larry Siemens indicates the cables are up on Half Dome which means the hike should be a go. He also reminds everybody that the web site www. is great for all the news and helps in trip planning to the park.  Finally, he's got great news about some of the activities he'll be leading.  He
plans to guide birders on Monday morning around camp and on the best trips to the valley and Glacier Point. There will be an early morning, there for dawn,
birding trip to Hodgdon Meadow in hope of seeing the Great Gray Owl. Also a day trip to Crane Flat for Pine Grosbeak.  Sounds like a terrific time for all the
early risers in the group!

Finally, one quick reminder - this is the last formal reunion update (we sent out a comprehensive snail mail announcement last week to those without e-mail),
but I urge you to check the Brauer-Crews Reunion website before heading out to the reunion.  Charles Burt has done a magnificent job with it!  The site
contains links to maps, directions, genealogy information, and a copy of all our previous e-mail updates (including the schedule).  It'll prove to be a great
reference and reminder so you don't forget something on the way out the door.

Seven Days and Counting!
- Kevin Curry
(on Behalf of Your Reunion Committee)

Friday, June 3, 2005 (Email from Kevin Curry)
Family and Friends,

BC Reunion 2005 - Family and Fellowship - 80 Years Strong!  We're only days away from the upcoming BC Reunion.  Here's the latest update.   This
communication has three quick topics - an update from Dyan Curry on the Half Dome trip, an update from Naedo on the campfire she's organizing, and a
change to the potluck schedule that should allow more time for exploring the many sights and activities at Yosemite.  First, the notes from Dyan and from

HALF DOME:   Hello Everyone!  I've heard that due to the extreme conditions some of the trails for hiking may be affected and some people were concerned
about Half Dome.  Well WE ARE IN LUCK!  According to: as of May 19 they HAD delayed putting the
cables up for Half Dome, but they will be (weather permitting) up by June 16. JUST IN TIME! We should keep checking that website though for further
updates, and the site also has the updates for the other trails as well. If you are interested in hiking with me, could you please let me know what the best day
for you would be - i had planned on going the Friday of the reunion, but perhaps that does not work for some other people? My email address is
"dmcurry at ucdavis dot edu" so please email me with your interest and/or concerns. I just want to get everything prepared, and a preliminary head count, as
well as the day picked out, would help!  (I plan on stopping by Sam's club to stock up on water and health bars/trail mix for the hike for everyone involved).  
Thanks guys, and I look forward to this reunion...  less than 1 month!    - Dyan Curry (Jackie and Kevin's lil' tyke)

NAEDO'S CAMPFIRE:  Bring along your favorite reunion campfire memory to share--a poem or story or anecdote one of the old-timers or someone used to
share.  Also at the beginning we will have a homemade ice-cream feed, so please bring freezers and fixings.   - Naedo

(changes indicated in Agenda in previous post below):
Monday          Noon        Family Favorites
Tuesday         6:00PM     Italian
Wednesday                    No Potluck (bring your own lunch to Glacier Point if going)
Thursday        Noon        Soup & Salad
Friday            6:00PM     Southwestern
Saturday       12:30PM     Family Favorites

That's it for this time.  Keep checking the great BC website for info, and get the adrenaline flowing for a GREAT reunion!

16 Days and Counting!
- Kevin

Monday, May 23, 2005 (Email from Kevin Curry)
Family and Friends,

BC Reunion 2005 is less than 30 days away!!!  This is a long, but VERY IMPORTANT update on the big event.  PLEASE read through to the end.  Included
is a note about an available Yurt, a note about the talent show, a note about the Band, the draft agenda, and some important reminders (including a plea for
folding tables for the potlucks; see reminder #4).  As you can tell, you won’t want to be without this info, so be sure to save/print this for future reference.  
Also, we plan to mail this out by regular mail to those without e-mail, but we'd very much appreciate it if you could pass the word around so we don't miss

YURT AVAILABLE: The Goodenough’s (dau/son-in-law of Ruth Pyle) plan to cancel their Yurt reservation (if they haven’t already done so).  If you’re
interested in snapping up that reservation, contact Barbara or Ruth, or alternatively just reply to this e-mail and we’ll get the word to them right away.

TALENT SHOW PARTICIPANTS:  If you’re interested in participating in the always enjoyable Talent Show, please contact Charles Burt.  If you don’t have his
contact info, just reply to the reunion e-mail and we’ll forward the info to him post-haste.

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS:  Don’t forget to bring your musical instruments if you have them.  Talent, but no instrument? No Problem!  Bob St. John will have a
few spares (horns, etc.)

AGENDA:  Your reunion committee has worked hard to put together an exciting agenda that offers many opportunities to catch up with family and friends
while enjoying activities (you’ll see that two lonely campfires are without hosts/organizers; can you help rescue them?).  Please remember though what they
say about the best laid plans o’ mice and men – anything could change right up to the last minute (and if past experience is any guide, we can pretty much
count on that).  At any rate, here’s what’s in store (and read on beyond the agenda; some important reminders follow).

SUNDAY, 19 June
4:00 PM:          Check-in, get settled, prepare for a great reunion.

MONDAY, 20 June
9:00 AM:         Join Larry Siemens for a birding walk. (more walks can be scheduled if there’s enough interest.)
10:00 AM:       First day of Band Practice (1 hour)
10:00 AM:       Children’s Crafts (1 hour)
Noon:               Potluck Lunch – Today is Family Favorites.  Bring your favorite main dish, salad, dessert, etc…  Just be prepared for somebody to ask for
that great recipe!
1:30 PM           Bingo!  Details TBD.  Not into bingo?  Get a small group together and sightsee.
7:30 PM:          Campfire (Any Volunteers to host this one?????)

TUESDAY, 21 June
10:00 AM:       Band Practice (1 hour)
10:00 AM:       Children’s Crafts (1 hour)
Afternoon:        At leisure.  Idea: Form small groups and visit Yosemite sights
(Edit)6:00 PM  Potluck Dinner – Today is Italian.  Think Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Garlic Bread, Cannelloni, Anti-pasta, and so on…
7:30 PM:          Campfire (Naedo’s hosting this one; it should be special!)

10:00 AM:       Band Practice (1 hour)
10:00 AM:       Children’s Crafts (1 hour)
Noon:               Day Trip!  Join us for a tour to Glacier Point
(Edit)               No Potluck (bring your own lunch to Glacier Point if going)
7:30 PM:          Campfire (Virginia and Family are hosting this one; it should be special!)

10:00 AM:       Band Practice (1 hour)
10:00 AM:       Children’s Crafts (1 hour)
Noon:               Potluck Lunch – Today’s theme is
(EDIT)Soup & Salad. What could be easier?  Bring your favorite soup or salad (macaroni, potato, three
bean, Jell-O, tossed, pasta, or whatever you like), or bring fruit, rolls, or a nice dessert.  It’s up to you.
Afternoon:        At leisure.  Idea: Form small groups and visit more Yosemite sights
7:30 PM:          Campfire (Pat Ray and Family are our hosts; it should be special!)

FRIDAY, 24 June
10:00 AM:       Band Practice (1 hour)
10:00 AM:       Children’s Crafts (1 hour)
Afternoon:        At leisure.  Idea: Form small groups and visit yet more Yosemite sights
(Edit)6:00 PM  Today’s theme is Southwest.  You know the food – Chili, Beans, Cornbread, Chips/Salsa, and the like.
7:30 PM:          Campfire (Any Volunteers to host this one?????)

10:00 AM:       Church Program (2 hours)
1:00 PM:          Potluck Lunch (Family Favorites)
2:00 PM:          Brush your hair and teeth, and be sure to smile – it’s Family Photo Time!
7:00 PM:          Talent Show and Auction (4 hours)

SUNDAY, 26 June
Morning:           Pack up your stuff, but keep out some Kleenex; time to say goodbye…  

1.   Locations for events will be announced the first Sunday after your committee has a chance to get together and decide on the best areas.
2.   In addition to the listed activities, your committee is hoping to put together additional events based on Your suggestions – Horseshoes, Mini-Golf, and the
ever popular Scrabble are a few (see the next entry for another).
3.   At the campfire each evening, your committee hopes to announce any small group trips to Yosemite for the next day so other interested folks can
attend.  One Example:  Dyan Curry is looking for family members interested in hiking/climbing Half-Dome (those of you in the best of health are welcome to
join her).  Other trips to be announced.
4.   For the Potlucks, your committee will provide the paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins.  But we’ll also need three or four folding tables, and your
committee doesn’t know of a way to get those just yet.  So, if you have some you can bring, please do.  And if you know of somebody else who might have
some, tell them too.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring your own drinks to the potlucks, too.
5.   Finally, here are some reminders about things to bring that you may not have thought of:  Lawn chairs (for campfires, potlucks, etc…); Flashlights (how
else will you avoid stepping on slugs and other critters in the dark?); Swimming Suits and supplies (for the nearby swimmin’ hole); Sticks/skewers to use for
roasting marshmallows; Items to Donate for the Auction; and most important – your patience.  :-)

Well, that’s about it for now.  As always, your committee wishes to remind you that this is Your reunion.  If you’d like to volunteer to help, or if have
suggestions to make the event  better, please let us know!

BC Reunion 2005 – Family and Fellowship – 80 Years Strong!
- Kevin (and Your Reunion Committee)

Sunday, March 27, 2005 (Email from Kevin Curry)
Family and Friends,

Here's an update on BC Reunion 2005: Family and Fellowship - 80 Years Strong!  

This year we're hoping to solidify those family bonds and refresh our history. A number of the elders remember some of those early reunions at Yosemite
and have offered to share their fond memories with us over a warm campfire.  What better way to make this 80th anniversary reunion special!  In the
meantime, your committee is looking for your help and ideas as to how make the event even more special.

First up - get your thinking caps on and open your hearts.  As most of you know, we have a warm tradition of holding an auction to help fund future
reunions.  Past auctions have drawn a variety of donations including crafts, household items, historical photographs, and original artwork.  Now's the time to
start thinking about items you might like to donate for this year's event (after all, it's for a great cause!).

Second, warm up those taste buds and hone your culinary skills (fancy city-talk for cookin').  Yep, we're talking about the perennial favorite - the potlucks.  
We're looking for YOUR ideas.  Do you want them everyday? or just have a few?  Do want to go with theme nights (old favorites and new themes welcome)
or just enjoy whatever specialty folks want to cook up that night?  Also, last time around we tried a Wurst grill where the committee used the central funds to
buy Wursts and stuff, and the families just brought salads, side dishes, chips, desserts, and the like.  Is there interest in doing that again this year?  Maybe
you like the idea but would prefer something besides Wursts?  Let us know!

Third, one of our own is looking for help.  Georgia (Ginger's mother), whom many of you know has rented a big ol' Yurt with only herself to fill it up.  She’d
welcome a quiet roommate.  If anybody's interested in sharing with her, let me know and I'll get word to her so you can make the arrangements.

And finally, remember that this is YOUR reunion.  If you have other ideas or suggestions, let your committee know.

Happy Easter,
- Kevin Curry
(on behalf of your reunion committee)

Sunday, March 13, 2005 (Email from Kevin Curry)
Family and Friends,

This is just the next in a series of occasional updates on the Brauer-Crews Reunion.  You may not realize it, but the very first BC Reunion occurred in 1925
so this marks our 80th anniversary!  Even more amazing is that the first reunion was held at Yosemite, just as it will be this year.  So think of this year's
reunion as renewing the past and building the future.

To help us do that, your committee is planning some exciting activities.  None are final yet, but among the things being considered are day trips to the
national park, a hike to Half Dome, and much more.  Additionally, we know those first reunions all included a family visit to Glacier Point where the whole
family could revel in the majesty and share good times.  Your committee's doing some research to see if we can do something similar to that this year.  If we
can set it up, it should be a real opportunity to get in touch with past and present family, if only spiritually.  Anyway, to reiterate, nothing's final yet but your
committee's working on some fun and exciting activities and will let you know once the agenda firms up.

ALSO: if you haven't made your reservations at Yosemite Lakes (the reunion site) yet, we strongly encourage you to do so.  Reservations are going fast.  
And on that topic, we've heard from a couple of folks as to where they're staying (e.g., yurt, cabin, campsite, RV, etc...) and would love to hear from the rest
of you.  Knowing where everybody's staying will help your committee better plan the locations for the activities.  And when you reply, it'd be a big help if you
could sign the e-mail with your first and last name (I have some of the e-mails matched, but not all of them).

Anyway, I'll send out another reminder in two or three weeks, and will try to send them out more frequently as the time gets closer.  In the meantime, if you
have suggestions for me, for the announcements, or for the committee, please don't hesitate to let me know.  We want this 80th anniversary reunion to be
extra special - and you're the key!

Just 14 Weeks to Go!
- Kevin Curry

March 12, 2005 (New website content)

*** NEW*** Here are links to the Yosemite Lakes map and park rules.

February 11, 2005 (Cleburne, Texas)

Brauer-Crews family,

We are having Family Reunion after all. How did this happen?

When we recently learned that Pine Acres Resort would not be able to host our Family Reunion this summer, the committee had two options: Find another
location or move it to the summer of 2006.

Virginia Siemens suggested the Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails resort near Yosemite National Park. After looking into the facilities (via internet and
telephone), the committee voted to hold Reunion the week of June 19 to 26, 2005. Here is the website of Yosemite Lakes:

February 11, 2005 (Email from Jackie Curry)
(updated for accommodations as of March 12, 2005):

Hi All,

OK.  I think we're all set to have the reunion this summer.  This E-mail is going to contain a lot of information.

The number everyone should call to make reservations at Yosemite Lakes is 1-800-533-1001.
We suggest you make your reservations fairly soon.

These are the available accommodations:
YURTS -- of today none of the Yurts remain.  They sleep 4 (a double bed and a futon). They have a small kitchen and shower.  Prices are Sun-Wed $130
per night  Thur-Sat $145 per night
CABINS -- as of today 8 remain.  Sleep 4 double bed and twin bunks.  No bathroom or kitchen use on site facilities.  Prices are Sun-Wed $69.94 per night  
Thur-Sat $79.94 per night.
HOSTELS -- as of today all 9 rooms available.  What they are is a private bedroom/shared men's and women's bathroom/ 2 showers/shared kitchenette
(microwave, coffee pot, no stove).  Prices:  Single room/double bed/$67.50 to &79.50.  Double room/sleeps 4/ $77.50 to $89.50.  Deluxe room/sleeps 6
$83.50-$94.50.  These rates are per night.
RV SITES -- as of today 15 remain.  Prices Sun-Wed $35 per night Thur-Sat $37.50 per night
TENT SITES -- as of today 15 remain.  Allowed 2 tents at each site for a total of 6 people per site.  Bathroom and shower facilities are included.  Prices Sun-
wed $27.50 Thur-Sat $29.50

For more information on the accommodations, please visit the resort's website.

Facilities:  Swimming Lake with boat rentals
Very small Pee Wee golf
Convenience Store with gas station

Apparently what they have is a fire ring at each Tent and RV site so we'll have to use one of those for our campfires. Also we'll have to bring our own wood.

Charlotte said it was fine to have our reunion band as long as they didn't play during quiet hours so that won't be a problem.

Well everyone I'm confident we can make this work.  Oh and I think I forgot to mention it will be the same week as before Sun. June 19th through Sun. June

You might pass it on that anyone whose even thinking about coming should go ahead and make their reservation now and just cancel if they decide not to
come especially since we don't have anything set aside for just our family.
On the Sunday we arrive if I understood Charlotte correctly this is how it works.  When you arrive you select your tent or RV site from what is available so it
may be possible the family can all be together after all.  Charlotte said Sunday is a good arrival day with usually plenty to select from.  I hope all of this makes
sense to you.

If anyone can think of anything else let me know. My email address is

Thanks for all your help

Thanks to Jackie and the rest of the Reunion Committee for their hard work.

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