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General information:
This website will eventually become a useful tool for the family to stay in touch, share information and to
increase interest in future family reunions.

The website is currently under construction (yes, very slowly), so check back periodically as it takes shape.

Please feel free to share your ideas and comments as we figure out just what we can do with this website.
You can contact me via email at
charles dot burt at brauer-crews dot com.

New features and additions to the website:
03/23/07 - Added information regarding 2007 Reunion at Angels Camp RV Park
05/12/07 - Added tentative schedule for 2007 Reunion, plus updated information from your reunion
committee and

##### NEW!!! 2007 Brauer-Crews Reunion -- June 17-24, 2007#####
2007 Family Reunion information: <--- Click here for more Reunion information
(May 12, 2007) Attention Brauer-Crews family members, the reunion committee has found the location for
our next family reunion. We have the Angels Camp RV Park reserved for June 17 to 24, 2007.
tentative schedule is now posted here for your information.
Please follow the above link for more
information. Here's the resort's website

Genealogy Corner:

Now available for your enjoyment. The Brauer Biography,
(The Blue Book), and it's companion
volume, "
The Crews Life Story" (The Red Book), both
written by Oscar Leo Brauer.

Other interesting sites you might like to visit:
Here is a link to the
Millville Masonic Cemetery where several of our Brauer-Crews family members are
Here is a link to the
Shasta County GenWeb site. It includes some biographies of Michael Ernest Brauer,
Oscar Gustav Brauer and John Lewis Brauer.

Coming soon:
Photo album from 2003 Family Reunion at Pine Acres
Photo album from 2005 Family Reunion at Yosemite Lakes Resort
I will be adding a section of the website for pictures and biographies of our ancestors.

(website last updated May 12, 2007)